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A morning glimpse of MKE

Catherine Zuperku

So, before Zander was sick last week with "hand, foot and mouth disease" we decided to explore Milwaukee with some of his beautiful aunties. Thankfully, we got out of the house earlier in the week because the rest of the week was shot... being around a sick toddler can be a little challenging for your mental sanity. But we are over the sickness and back to exploring daily!
Kaitlyn, Meghan, Zander and I hit up some quick MKE spots before his nap. Of course we included some chocolate, donuts, bubbles and the War Memorial in our morning outing. I don't know what it is about toddlers and bubbles but he is obsessed! It's so hard to even go outside to our garage without him wanting to stop and play with the bubbles. I do admit they are super pretty and maybe the famous saying should be, "stop and play with bubbles," instead of "stop and smell the roses."
So any who we did just that... we stopped and enjoyed a little morning together and had so much!

The moment you tell your auntie Meghan, "look, I got this!" He was determined to do it all by himself.

What most photos look like with the Zman... he just doesn't like his "ma"parazzi!