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2 decades and this lady!

Catherine Zuperku

I cannot believe I get to celebrate one of my many little sisters' birthdays into the 2 decade milestone! It's very surreal because there is quite an age gap between us and I used to change her diapers, sing to her and rock her to sleep. I still remember the day she was born, the happiness she gave our family to welcome her into ours. And she was the first birth I had the privilege to witness first hand (side note: my mom is amazing. She had 6 children all without an epidural!)!
So yes, I got to once again sing to her "happy Birthday!" It's such an awesome feeling seeing your siblings flourish and I'm so happy she was put in our family and growing into an amazing and kind woman.
She is bright and smiley. Cute and corky. Creative and down-to-earth. She is Pure Joy - as her name means. Not to mention, she's mentioned a lot in our family because Zander is always talking about something "Katie-bug!" It's so cute to hear him talk about her. And, can you believe the person I used to babysit now babysits my baby! AH. Crazy!
So, Ms. Katie-bug, Happy Birthday! I hope this year is the start to a path in life that you will enjoy the rest of your life! XOXO!

Zoolander ain't got nothing on us! ;)

this describes her personality to a "t!"

time for some blue steel...

one of my fave pics of these 2... how very "80's family photo" of you two!

Amanda, you were part of our shoot!!!!!!! miss you so much!

seriously, I wish I knew what you were thinking every time you wiggle your way out of a photo!