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Horses, goats and corn mazes, oh my!

Catherine Zuperku

Last weekend we had such fun exploring new things to do with Zander. One thing I've learned with my time with him thus far, is that if we plan something in the morning - our day goes great! He gets exercise (as do I), he gets worn out (as do I) and then he naps really well (I don't get to)! So Dan and I also adapt that schedule on the weekend, I try to save the really fun things to do with Daddy so he's included. This past weekend was the pumpkin farm. Zander's attention span isn't too long, so we honestly only got to the petting zoo and corn maze activities. No biggie about picking pumpkins this year (he was obsessed last year, see here) but he does love that we picked 3 pumpkins and their named Mama, Dada and Zander. He LOVES his! I'll take a pic of them soon, once we carve the "Dada" pumpkin (last year we carved too early and by Halloween the pumpkin was almost rotting!).
Anywho, I love looking back at our moments through pictures. I can't believe he's so old now and he is so smart! I'm sure all mama's say that - as they should! But seeing his brain expand and hold information is beautiful. He loves his ABC's, numbers and shapes. Obviously with a "anything round" obsession he particularly loves "O's" "circles" and "zeros!" He's too funny! Love my men!

Amazed that all three of us are looking at the camera! rare indeed!

he was looking for the bunnies and finally found them under their house! Priceless face ;0)