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October 28th, 34 years ago...

Catherine Zuperku

34 years ago on October 28th my future husband was born! It's crazy to think that even if we grew up in different states, that I would end up finding my best friend in Wisconsin. Thank goodness my family moved us back home near relatives - otherwise life would be very different today ;)
I just want to take a moment to share a beautiful story about a pretty normal day for most of us, but that will live in my heart forever! It's a great show of why this guy is SO special to me!
The day (October 28th, 2017) started out with Z and I excited to surprise Daddy with pancakes in bed on his birthday… well after realizing that I didn’t eat in time I almost fainted and had to get Z to get Dan to come finish ‘his’ birthday breakfast. Then the man suggests that he and Z go grocery shopping so I can rest… sounds great expect I spent all my time cleaning my house and exerted myself too much and received awful and painful back pain. But not only did he help us yesterday he gave up his birthday time to help his parents put away their boat pier and he never once complained! So fast forward to that night (as he was on a work call) Z and I decided to make his cake for the family party the next day. Well, Dan and I bought the wrong kind of pudding earlier in the week and we ruined the cake. At this point, I just needed to cry. Dan put Z to bed and went and got the correct ingredients and he started his cake over without ever once complaining. And to top the night off, because I was in such bad pain I started to cry in bed, which caused my nose to gush blood (it happens to pregnant women often) and I was at my whit's end. And HE gave ME a back rub - all this on his birthday and he never complained! He is amazing and I love him so much. Happy Birthday to our real life Hero! Zander and I are so blessed that you were born!

some of my fave pics of the birthday guy!

mustache love, and perhaps too much cake???