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#MissionMouseMan2016 - Part II

Catherine Zuperku

Sadly, most of our short visit was spent without Dan while we were in Orlando. He was crazy busy with his conference - I think Kaitlyn and I saw him at night around 10:30 pm! So, being the adventurists we are (or Kaitlyn and I like to think we are) we embarked on Disney by ourselves with a feisty toddler. And I have to say that we both learned quickly that "distraction" was the key to having a "decent" toddler. And to not push for a nap, just let him fall asleep in the stroller. The hard part was getting him in the stroller since he's a big boy now and wants to walk everywhere. My Patience was definitely tested!
We ended up flying in on Tuesday (during Z's nap time... but there was no nap that particular day at all. long sigh...). We then went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on Wednesday and spent most of Thursday at Disney Springs; with finally some daddy time swimming before our last day on Friday!
Poor Zander woke up with a stuffy nose the first day; so he was a little off to start our vacay. But he was still such a trooper and he bounced back the next day! I think it also helped that everywhere he looked there was something new to see. So he didn't get bored at all.
Looking back, I didn't have one particular favorite day, they each had something good in them. But a couple memories that stick out were 1. while at Animal Kingdom we were walking back to the bus and Zander saw a hulla hoop that a Cast Member was playing with and he ran right up to him. The guy graciously let Zander play with it and before you know if Zander had his first street performance spinning the hulla hoop! He had about 6 cat members cheering him on and clapping for him! They were so kind, if only they had seen him spin 2 hulla hoops like he does in his gym class!
2. Was when he fell asleep at Disney Springs he woke up after 30 mins and kind of a bad mood... which is never good. But what was lovely was he wanted to cuddle! He has never been a cuddly person, I used to have to rock him to sleep because of his reflux but after he was big enough to decide where he wanted to be he wouldn't cuddle anymore. I'm so happy Kaitlyn caught that moment!
And lastly, 3. was when he met Mickey on Friday (with Dan there) he was just in shock and so elated. It was the best feeling watching him be so happy. He met Mickey first at Animal Kingdom but the second time I think he realized what was happening more! So special.
So anywho, this is a lot to read. It's more for my memory when I look back on this trip some day. I hope I remember snip-its from his childhood like this! Oh and a big "Thank You" to Katie-Bug, I couldn't have survived without your help - and thanks for all the pics as a family... we never usually get all three of us in a photo!

ha, ok to give you a glimpse at how humid it was, this "pretty blurry filter" was not added in post, this is how foggy my lense was coming from our hotel room to outside! but I love it!

it's kind of impossible to take a good photo of him these days. So active!

As I stated earlier, his first street performance! you can't see all the cast members cheering him on from this view.

one of my faves pics of them playing under the bed. too bad he's blurry :(