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1 month old

Catherine Zuperku

1 month, already? The 21st of December marked your 1st month! How crazy to think you were a little gummy bear inside me one month ago! Daddy and I have enjoyed you so much this whole month - of course there are some things we miss; like sleep and leaving the house whenever we want. But your smell, smile, hands, toes and well all of you is SO worth it!
I remember how scared we were taking you home after your two week stay at your all inclusive resort called the NICU, but we've learned a TON now that you've been home 3 weeks.

Things learned:
• You have many different cries and they all mean something different
• You developed acid reflux and it broke mama's heart when she saw you in that much pain, plus it makes all your feedings challenging
• That my feeling of horror and empathy for your butt rash was overreacting as the Dr. didn't see it as anything bad
• That I can be a little grumpy if I don't get sleep (daddy can attest to this, poor guy)
• That there is this thing called "cradle cap" and I'm not a fan of it :(
• That you're proving to be ambitious, already! You grew 3.5 inches since your birth length and that you grow an ounce a day!
• That daddy ALWAYS has a way of making your "feeding time" less. I have watched him so many times and I still can't crack the code
• That your cry face, while heart breaking is also so cute (not in the moment of screaming, but when I look back at pictures - like the one below)
• That taking pictures of you happy takes forever and that I always revert back to putting your passie in your mouth
• The fact that I LOVE holding you when you look up at me or you fall asleep!
• And of course that eating, sleeping, showering, laundry, cleaning or practically anything MUST be done super fast if I want it done before you start crying again ;0)
• And last but not least that we love you more than words can say and thank God for you every day :)

Looking forward to your next month Mr. Boo Boo
xoxo, your mama