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Catherine Zuperku

This past weekend Dan turned another year older! It was so much fun to celebrate him! He is such a wonderful man, a kind father and a gentle husband! He's so funny - but often doesn't show it! He makes me laugh and believes in me. He wants the best for me and is always pushing me to better myself or take time for myself. What an unselfish guy! Seeing him as a daddy just warms my heart as I catch him whispering in Zander's ear that he loves him. I love his mentality towards life - don't take things too seriously. Except if you go to the grocery store in sweats, then he'll tell you to take that seriously, ha! He takes pride in his work and is dang good at it. He has so many ideas and gets passionate talking about security. It's quite adorable as the things he says goes over my head. Lol. I love him so much and can't say how much I thank God that he made him! Mwah hunny! Love you!
As for his birthday, we both take a lot of joy in celebrating birthdays. I honestly feel like it's the one day a year that you can feel special about yourself. I've felt that way since I was little. Everyone deserves to feel good on their day! And as adults, we don't often take time to celebrate much - life is busy and you can kind of feel guilty for doing something for yourself. But I really appreciate being married to someone who shares my joy in surprises and celebrations! So this year I was thinking of so many things to do for him and kept coming up empty. Plus it's hard when you live on one income to budget that in... so it was such a huge blessing when I received 3 freelance jobs! Woo hoo - just in time! So with that, I finally began planning his day!
We ended up enlisting family to watch Z-man for a night out in Chicago! I surprised Dan with Top Golf in Woodale which was so much fun. I'm not really a fan of golf (because I suck at it) but he loves it. So I thought I'd give it a try. But this was more like bowling and you didn't have to be good to score points. I won one and Dan smoked me the next game. Ha, I was a little too cocky the first go.
We then got ready to go out for a night on the town as I told him we were seeing Hamilton! He mentioned it twice in the last couple months, but we didn't have luck finding tickets at that time. On a whim, I looked tickets up and found two affordable ones, second to the last row! Ha... so far away - but SOOOOO good! It's such a clever musical. I got goosebumps throughout and Dan liked it too! We both pretended we knew all the lyrics on the car ride home as we spotified the heck out of the soundtrack! And what would a Chicago trip be without IKEA. We made a special stop for Z-man and got a table his size. I can gladly say we survived IKEA and were in and out in 1 hour! Phew.
All in all, I'm so glad I am Dan's other half and that we got to spend some quality time together!

I might have gotten him a birthday shirt that matched my shirt... lol. couldn't resist!

haha, don't laugh too hard, I always make Dan take odd pictures of me! He's kind of used to it now. ;)

l i g h t s... he loves lights!

His newest smile and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! An all in, eyes closed teethy smile!