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#Flashback: Part II of our Cali RoadTrip

Catherine Zuperku

And then there were silly poses and makeshift dive bars along HWY 1! And we loved every minute. Looking back I'm so happy we took this trip, I remember at the time that I wasn't thrilled that I couldn't eat much due to such a difficult pregnancy - HOWEVER I'm glad we pushed through and did a road trip. We ended up visiting Hearst Castle (yes it's actually a Castle - doesn't exactly look like one) which was made by William Randolph Hearst. It was basically a million dollar getaway for Hollywood Elite such as Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin and even Cary Grant. Mr. Hearst would have elaborate parties that included endless food and wine. And he would always convince his guests to put plays on for each other. I wouldn't have minded being a fly on the wall at one ;)
We also passed through Big Sur, which is absolutely gorgeous! When we visited it was foggy and just the right type of moody for whale watching. I didn't get picture of that; they were too fast!
And then we made our way to the Redwoods, Napa Valley and lastly San Fransisco! I was surprised that we did so much in one week; but of course, two years ago we didn't get worn out watching a 2 year old!
And as you can see the Golden Gate Bridge is MUCH MORE windy then I ever expected! My hair was cray cray! But I loved getting our pic of our sonogram. Such a good memory. If you watch the video I just made, you get to see when we actually found out he was a boy! And for future reference don't edit a video two years later, it was really odd revisiting it. But Zander loves watching it and truthfully it's for him, so c'est la vie!
I'm kind-of itching for another road trip...hmm... well make that a plane trip if we take Zman.

A little lunch stop in Santa Barbara ;D

The Hearst Castle

Big Sur

I always wanted to "lean" against a car, but in my dreams it was an Aston Martin DB5

The Redwoods

Napa Valley - so sad I couldn't drink anything :(

And finally San Fran!

HaHa, I laugh every time I see this... but let me just reiterate that it was SO windy, foggy and cold up there - and it was August! if you have long hair bring a beanie hat if you visit!

and this is how every trip should end... chocolate!