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2016 Family Photos

Catherine Zuperku

A gigantic and massive 'SHOUT OUT' to my oh-so-talented sister Kaitlyn, for these beautiful photos! I will cherish them forever! It was no easy task taking photos of Zander, especially after his nap. I'm not sure about other toddlers, but Z isn't always a happy camper when he wakes up. So needless to say there were a couple tantrums, a wee-bit of myself raising my voice (ok, maybe a lot of that) and a ton of Zander running to Kaitlyn in most of the shots she captured. He loves his Katie-bug so much. It did get to be a bit much that day when all I wanted was 1 family photo that everyone seemed happy in! I'm so very happy Kaitlyn caught the amazing shots she did.
But the best photo, the photo that is "THE" Christmas photo was the last one she took! I'm so glad she had patience and kept taking shots because that one just warms my heart! And I love all the other in-between photos too. Another particular fave is the photo of Z almost crying, that's real life for us!
I'm not surprised by the least that my little sister pulled through on this (as I call it) "family photo challenge." She lights up when we talk about design or photography and she is always my comrade in any photo shoot idea. So, I'm trying to convince her to keep her focus on an Art degree as she will almost have 2 years left of college! AH, I used to change her diapers! She's growing up so fast. And not only that, she is one of the nicest human beings I know! She always has a smile on her face and it really lights up a dark room. And she's so giving of her time and money ;0)  In my mind, she must continue on this path! It would be a shame for the world to not see her create beautiful things!
So, "Thank You" Katie-bug for putting up with all of us not so happy afternoon campers. LOL! We love you!

agh, I just want to squeeze that face through the computer!

ok, Dan rolls his eyes every time I bring up the fact that we never got Engagement Photos, but I imagine this is how I'd want 'em!

my other fave... even that face makes me melt :)