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Lake Hunter + Family

Catherine Zuperku

We had the most lovely visit with our amazing family from South Carolina. In fact, it feels like it went by way too fast. It could also be that there are so many children now, that the time seems to fly by as we try to keep up with them! Seriously, keeping track of food, drinks, naps, sharing toys and then throw in a lake and the day goes by in a flash.
But I love looking at these photos, it helps me so much to document these moments - not sure why that is, but I treasure photos. I know I must seem annoying always "snapping" away at family functions or out and about (sorry Dan!) but I must! Ya' know that question, "what would you grab if your house was on fire?" Well obviously "my family!" would be first, but if I had more time I would grab my Drobo (it's a type of Hard drive and it holds all our photos!).
Anywho, off subject as usual... all in all, I love my family and these memories!
Miss you so much, Nicholas Crew!

that face melts my heart every time!

that face melts my heart every time!


Baby Henry! sleeping + those cheeks = happiness!

I need to frame this one ;D

I need to frame this one ;D

Even though they can "push" each other's buttons, they love each other!