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Firemen at work!

Catherine Zuperku

Talk about toddler boy heaven... a Fire Station filled with all the gear and "cars" or "trucks" (as Zander would say) a little boy could wish for! Our dear friend Lisa and her family invited us to visit her hubby's office, which just happens to be the New Berlin Fire Station! I knew we couldn't pass up with opportunity especially since Zander says "car" or "truck" 20 times a day! Seriously, we'll be in any parking lot and all I hear is, "car, car, car, car, car..." as he points to all the cars. ;D
And what's even better is seeing Landon and baby Jacob! Zander and Landon just started playing "with" each other instead of "next" to each other. What a cute milestone to see your toddler play with others not just beside them. So, now the idea of a play-dates sound even better because they realize who they're playing with! Zander and Landon are just too cute together! Needless to say, we had so much fun playing firemen!
Thanks Joe, Lisa, Landon and Jacob for showing us how cool Firemen really are!

I dub thee Sir Fireman Landon! LOL

Of course, the second we put on his firemen helmet he takes it off and tries to spin it. At least I got 3 photos!

The boys! I swear they were having so much fun, you can't tell from a "smile for the camera" photo! Toddlers do not cooperate!

Aw, this family is too cute!

haha, our attempt at a family photo.

Zander's all time favorite activity... pointing to fans! Because maybe, just maybe adults don't see the fans and he has to tell us they exist and that they're above our heads!