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november golfing

Catherine Zuperku

Dan and I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we've been having recently (we know winter is coming) so any day that is nice we try to find something to do outside. And I can definitely say that we found another sport involving balls that Zander loves... golf! He would probably like anything we did outside, but it was fun to see him with his daddy and grandpa trying to swing the club.
We decided that with Zander's attention span that a driving range versus mini golf would be best. I can't even imagine how slow we would have been if we chose mini golf - the poor souls that would've been behind us. Ha! But he didn't quite understand how to leave both hands on the club when we left him to his own swinging devices. Almost every single time he would drop his left hand and try with all his might to swing solely with his right hand (but I did catch the one time he didn't do that on camera!). Lol, seems like someone needs some practice, but for his first time ever I would give him an A+. His whole heart was in his swing. But I'm positive he wouldn't mind as much practice as he could get.
And what was even better was hitting golf balls with Grandpa, Grandma and Meghan. He absolutely loves being around his family and loves that they dote on him so. He's a tad spoiled - but we know that won't last forever - so I'm not too worried. :) He also reminds me of his daddy... Dan loves being around people and "the action" but doesn't need to say much. Zander is just like that. I love that I am finding that they are alike in more and more ways. <3 My boys!

that look of being "too cool" to need help! growing up too fast!

Don't mess with the Zan-man! :)