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Winter Shoot #Sisters

Catherine Zuperku

This tradition was started by my big sis Michelle and I, probably 20 years ago. It started as playing "dress up" and then morphed into mini-photo sessions when we were old enough for cameras. And thankfully it still continues! Growing up amongst 5 sisters, we did a lot of girly things and this was definitely one of them.
My little sister Kaitlyn and I had been chatting about doing a mini winter shoot for a while now and when her birthday came around (side note: she just turned 19! I can still remember changing her diapers!) we figured that was the perfect excuse. Our only downfall was that we couldn't fit it in when our sister Amanda was in town :0(
Here's to sister fun - but I do say next time we aim for a summer shoot;D And don't judge my work too much, I don't have a ton of equipment, as you can see the later photos were taken when the sun was almost down. Hence the "odd" lighting. But it still works and we met our goal of having tons of fun! I love these ladies so much <3 And thank you Kaitlyn, for taking my photos!