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A little pixie dust and a peter pan collar!

Catherine Zuperku

One of the lovely things about being 1 of 5 sisters (and yes, we do have 1 brother) is that sometimes, just sometimes we get called to do one of them a fun favor! And this time it was to model for my sister Kaitlyn who is taking a college photography class. She already has an artistic eye, I should know I've bugged her before to do some "style posts" (here , here and here) way back when! Seriously, way back when!
Well, it was my pleasure to "help-a-sista-out" when she mentioned it to me. And I knew exactly what I wanted to wear to be her model. I recently found this adorable peter pan collar striped dress and I have had nowhere to wear it. One thing I miss about being a working mama is getting to dress up and feel girly. Most days I wear sweats, because let's face it at the end of the day I'm covered in jelly anyway! I mean, I guess I could dress up and go to the grocery store or Zander's music class? Hmm, maybe you'll see some fancy dressing at Pic'n Save soon?!? Lol.
But my other reason I chose this dress is because it reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums. Anything Wes Anderson creates is absolute genius and the styling never ceases to amaze me ;)
Anywho, I think Kaitlyn did an amazing job, our lighting was a little tough not to mention wearing a hat and all the shadows it brings. But I definitely see bright things in this gal's future ;)

Photos by Kaitlyn Pfeiffer