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Alexander Calvary turns 3!

Catherine Zuperku

to my dear, sweet, brilliant and opinionated big boy...

As your Daddy and I reflect on the past 3 years with you, we laugh thinking of all the hilarious things you do or say. Your personality is coming out in a big way and we just love watching it! Whether it's your brilliant intellectual side, your sweet heart, your dance moves or even your stubborn will - they all measure up to the perfect Zander-man!
Your new obsession is all things cars (as you can tell from your birthday party), and you can even name all the car logos! I somewhat dread parking and going in somewhere with you since you stop and say every car logo as we walk towards the store door! HA. (It's getting cold, so hopefully we can postpone that game till Spring!) Every morning after you wake up, you pack all the cars that were in your bed and you put them in the Fischer Price house and walk them over to the kitchen table for breakfast! It's a daily ritual! And every night when daddy comes home, you must play something that contains cars with daddy. You even have fancy car sounds that come from your mouth as you play! And without fail, we play a "Disney Cars" movie daily.
You still have your fan obsession too, but thankfully since it's cold now - I have gotten you to stop turning them on and off. Now, you just ask me to draw your favorite fans you see on the internet!
When it comes to your intellectual side, daddy and I are always astounded at what you know since I really don't have to explain much things to you. For instance, you say all your prepositions correctly. One day, you told me as we drove away from the house, "The house is now behind us mama!" Yes, yes it was! Or the time, when I was going to the restroom and you asked if baby was coming out now... How the heck would you have an inkling of where the baby comes out of! You know all your ABCs, can count up to 20 (25 on a good day), love your shapes and colors! It's so much fun to see you read the letters in words now! You remind us a lot of myself when I was your age... I was so jealous that my sister Michelle got to go to school that at three my mom bought me work books to do at home and I figured out that Santa wasn't real at 4 because there was no way in my mind that one man could go to every house and fit in a chimney! I have a feeling a lot won't get passed you!
And now for your opinionated and stubborn side... you definitely know what you want and how you want it! We have many differences daily - in which I do have to let you know that you can't have candy for dinner, even though you say your tummy likes it. Or some days when you see something in a store and want it and I say no, then you cry all the way to the car. Thankfully I have learned to go about shopping even with you screaming at me! And if daddy and I explain a story not exactly how it went that day, you are the first to tell us "NO, it went like this..."
And I can't forget your dear and sweet heart! It never fails when I'm having a bad day full of pain that you come up and hug me and tell me you love me! If you think I'm in danger, like the time I walked behind you and daddy and you saw a car coming, you told me to be careful. And you learned to ask daddy how his day was every night after he comes home from work! You offer "I love you" to people you truly love! And you even say, "I love baby" as you pat my belly!
My dear sweet boy, you are such a delight to your daddy and I. We love seeing you grow and learn life lessons and we pray that we are doing a good job raising you with a strong head on your shoulders and a sweet spirit in your heart! May this year be full of new adventures that excite you and may you love giving joy to your baby sister!
Love your mama and daddy!