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Red, White and Blue, 2017

Catherine Zuperku

I am a whole month late with this post, but I couldn't resist adding it since it's about the 4th of July! It was Zander's first parade and first fireworks! I so want him to see as much as possible about his early life. And he was having such a blast with the free candy and CARS that he experienced in the parade! I haven't been to a parade since I was probably 12, so it seemed different and seemed littered with walking advertising but he didn't notice at all!
And what was better was Grandma, Grandpa, Katie-bug and Meghan went with us to the parade. They were smart and sat in the shade, and since we didn't stake out our little lot the night before we got a place in the blazing sun. So needless to say, we stayed there for about 20 mins and then went to join the smart folk in the cool shade! Lol!
Knowing that our little muffin also needs a nap if he wants to stay up for fireworks, we all took a relaxing nap before a nice dinner with family and fireworks later that night!
I think the only thing I'll do different next year is not get so many glow sticks! I know he loves them, but he ended up charming his way into taking all of them and spinning them. So he wasn't 'as' thrilled about fireworks as I thought he'd be. :0)

getting his "Independence" game face on!

had to make sure Pa got a cracker! Lol!

Farley, the new pup for the newlyweds!

gotta make sure no one takes my glow sticks!