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Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin-time...

Catherine Zuperku

Ah, yes, yes, yes, fall is finally here! I know it's fleeting in Wisconsin, so I'm going to take full advantage and cherish this time before winter comes. Zander has been loving the weather andleafs are now a hobby for him. He just loves roaming and touching every leaf in our yard. A couple weekends ago we took him to his first pumpkin patch and he had no idea why there were so many orange balls but he was thrilled they all had hard tops. He did not want to let go of the them. You'll see below he was trying to touch as many as he could at once. He loved it so much he cried when we picked him up. It's so interesting how "littles" think and explore and what makes them excited. It's truly lovely watching his brain go into over-drive. Ah, I love his brain and everything about him, especially that smile ;0) Hope all of you can stop and touch the pumpkins this weekend and enjoy Fall before it's over!