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well, hello there 2016

Catherine Zuperku

New year, new possibilities, new responsibilities and new expectations! This might be my first year in oh... maybe... ever where I'm not sure what my goals are for the year. That may sound odd, but after leaving my stable job of 10 years to be with my little fella every day... I don't have a huge plan yet. Christmas was so hectic that this is the FIRST moment I'm thinking about it. Kind of daunting and very unlike my type-A personality. I feel a wee bit stressed about this so I have decided right now to put a 2016 planner on my to-do list. So, hello 2016 and all the amazing and crazy adventures we'll have - I will hopefully be more prepared for you!
And I just had to post a couple photos of my little mister too. He is SO fast and won't sit still so I'm guessing blurry photos will be another staple this year. And if you can't tell some of his favorite toys are pots and pans. He is too funny and pretends to cook all kinds of things. And he's obsessed with stacking and putting items together that don't normally go together. Lastly I couldn't resist taking a photo of what will most likely be the last time we have matching pajama bottoms! I swear folks, this wasn't planned! It's the little things! ;0)