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and then there was M A G I C

Catherine Zuperku

When I have time (or more honestly when I avoid laundry) I have been loving taking photos of Zander. I went through this years "nice photos (meaning, non iphone photos) and found only our girl's shoot and the mexico photos. Knowing that, I purposely placed the camera in the kitchen in hopes to take more "quality" photos of Zander. It has helped tremendously! And what's even better is I happened upon the 4:30pm natural light in our guest room and Zander's room. I have dubbed 4:30 in both these rooms the "magic" hour! I am crazy in love with this lighting. If you've ever taken a photography class, the professor will always say it's all about lighting. And they're right! So Monday and Tuesday I avoided making dinner and decided to take the "magic" hour and snap some photos.
For Zander lately, he has been all about his nuk (as he's getting more molars :( )  and he has yet to let me count his teeth without biting my finger. But I think he has 6 more to go. Poor muffin! And he's ALL about hugging and kissing his favorite stuffed animals! So, I found all my beanie babies my Grandmother gave me and let him play with them. He was hugging all of them and wanted to get in the container! He has such a loving heart!
And I'm sure you'll notice in the last couple photos, he totally ditched me and had enough with photography. So I snapped some of myself. Either way, I love this magic time! <3