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A little labor of love!

Catherine Zuperku

Happy Labor Day! I wanted to take some time to introduce you to some lovely people I know as I did a wee bit of "labor" (trying out puns...) shooting their engagement session this summer. My little brother, who hasn't been smaller in size to me since 14 or so, is getting married! They are absolutely adorable together and I wish them all the love, happiness and hope to start this journey of marriage together.
As a lot of people know, going through life has it's ups and downs, it can be hard to manage all the twists and turns but its so much better when you have someone to hold your hand during any circumstance. And being his older sister, I've see him grow into a man with a big heart and I'm so thankful that he has found someone with an equally big heart to match his! And I couldn't be more happier for them and for my family to gain another sister! So here's to the happy chaps as they enter the stressful days of wedding planning! ;D Love you two!

I can't get over how cute they are! <3