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Zander Notes

Catherine Zuperku

(Zander's summary as of late)

A lot has happened as of late, I'm practically a big boy now. I'm 7 months and I am on the verge of crawling and walking. I pretty much rock at being mobile, my ma and pa say I'm a busy body but I think of it more as I don't like to be bored. I need to explore and investigate everything! I currently am a champ at the army crawl, sitting up and walking with ma and pa when they hold my hands. They're always saying their backs hurt - I have no idea why, mine is great! I try to talk all the time but all that comes out are grunts, I swear I'll get it soon. I also have a new face I make to show them I'm smiling - I basically make my nose and eyes look like a lion and open my mouth as big as it goes and then breath super fast. They think I'm hilarious! I can now taste my toes too! Ma calls me an acrobat!

For Father's Day, ma and I made pa some breakfast and served it to him in bed. I was trying my hardest to get a taste but she wouldn't let me. However, she did let me take some pics with my awesome pa though!

I met my Great-Grandpa Quadracci on Father's day. That made my day, my ma has told me stories of how he was a test pilot in WWII, he's pretty cool in my book. My napping schedule was all crazy that day so after the picture my pa took, I totally had a melt down and was a mess. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm like that all the time ;0)

I also went to my first festival - Cedarburg's Strawberry Festival. It was ok, the ma and pa gave me some ice cream to lick and I was LOVING that and then I had to take a nap - there was so much excitement!

And my new favorite toys are the alphabet duckies my pa gave me for Christmas. I wasn't really interested in them until now. But anytime I see them my face lights up and they go directly in my mouth. So nice for a teething boy ;0) Well I hope you enjoy my summary, this post took a lot out of me, I need to take a nap now. Much baby love, Zander-man