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Exploring Chicago

Catherine Zuperku

A couple weeks ago we got the chance to visit our favorite people in Chicago and the city itself. Zander and his cousin Grace have the most adorable bond ever and Dan and I love hanging out with Dave and Lauren, so this mini weekend getaway was a win-win! Plus, I love me some baby time, and Henry is so dang cute!
And this may sound crazy because I'm over 30, but it was my first time visiting the Shedd Aquarium! So Zander and I shared our first time together ;0) Zander was in leaven because he loves watching fish! (this first photo I'm framing because it's just too cute, and quite timely for Shark week!) We also explored "The Bean" too, but wow... there were a ton of people there. (Many thanks to Dave for this rare family photo, we all look so happy and we're looking at the camera!)
The next day we passed through Glenview to visit the Kohl Children's Museum. That place is like magic to kids! Zander had such a blast and was quite ready for a nap when we finally left. It's so cute to see him worn out by so much fun!
Looking at these pics makes me feel like I need another Chicago fix asap!

Typical Zander, crawling into small or odd spaces!

Maybe it's because I'm a mom. but holy cow - all those finger prints! It just made me feel like it needs a good cleaning!

haha, best running face ever!

Zander's way of showing love is to put his head next to yours! It's the cutest thing ;0)

It appears the chef was trying to escape with the goods!