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Let the Celebration Begin!

Catherine Zuperku

THIS GUY IS 2! Ah... He was such a happy muffin the day of his party and the actual 'birth'day! Which was pure joy for all around him as well. I think he actually understood that we were celebrating his birthday. It took a bit of convincing when he saw me baking his cake, he asked if it was Daddy's cake. But I kept saying this is for your birthday. And since we celebrated the day before his birthday with some of the family - we made that day feel like his birthday too. The best was after he woke up in the morning, we surprised him with tons of balloons in his crib. I have to say, that would make anyone's day better. And he just hammed it up even more for his guests. He was slap happy and silly - performing little stunts and laughing a ton. We also had been praticing blowing candles out for a month before so it was so cute to see him actually do it by himself!
Of course it was a blast having family there because you can see all the love for this one person who you call yours. I, personally will replay that day for a very long time - until it's erased from my memory! Oh and one of his favorite things was I got a cheap Curious George costume online and he surprised everyone by wearing it! He just loves George so much. We watch it whenever he has a bottle. It was too cute! Love that monkey boy ;0)
Another sweet, sweet, sweet thing was that Dan took off for his birthday! That day, it was just the 3 of us and it was heaven! We decided to treat him to his favorite Fry place (McDonald's) and then bowling. Ketchup and fries are a toddlers best friend. Ha. And of course a sport involving a ball; he was having a ball, wink, wink!
It was such a beautiful week celebrating our fella. I remember the first thanksgiving with him, we has already been in the hospital for a week. I hadn't gone home yet and honestly didn't even care to ask Dan to get my real clothes when he stopped by there. So there we were eating Thanksgiving lasagna in the hospital cafeteria by ourselves in my hospital gown! It's crazy what 2 years can do. I have so much to be thankful for!!!!!

AH. T H A T.  F A C E. !!!!!!!!

Curious George is in the house! get your autographs now ;0)

that guy!!!

the "wind in your hair" look ;)

ugh... heart is melting! L O V E !!!!!!