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the fort

Catherine Zuperku

This week has been interesting to say the least. Dan is away on business in Vancouver and I am here having the time of my life with Zander (sense any sarcasm?) Lol! Don't get me wrong, Zander is a joy to be around but it is a tad hard with no adult breaks. And the hardest part of this business trip is being in the new house by myself. It's a whole lot bigger than our last house and even in that house I used to do nightly checks in each room and closet. Don't ask me why I am this way - I can't explain it. I am just always aware of every creek and noise that the house makes when Dan is away. I usually expect to lose sleep when He's gone.
Knowing that, I did reach out to my family in advance and asked if anyone wanted to stay at Casa Du Zuperku in our spare room? And to my surprise I had one guest every night of the week! A massive "Thank You" to my sister Kaitlyn, Meghan and my mom! They all graced me with their presence on various nights so I could sleep soundly! I am so thankful to them, I really don't know how to show them my appreciation! I know it's a silly fear of mine, but they actually cared enough to forego their favorite bed (which is a huge thing in my mind!)
Anyway, on to the Fort... I haven't made one since I was little. And it actually started because I was testing an "outside-mobile, canopy tent thing" (I'm sure there's a better name for it) and I opened it up in the living room and I can't figure out how to fold it up. Haha, sorry Dan! But every time I try, I end up making an oval and that shape can't fit in the package. So, since it was out - we decided to make a fort and have a movie night! I think my favorite moments are always the ones that are unplanned and we had a blast chilling in our living room fort! But we both can't wait for daddy to be home tonight! Woo Hoo!

super blurry, but my fave!

Zander took this one! He's becoming a budding photographer! And how funny that its the only non-blurry photo! ;)