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33 and a little bohemian...

Catherine Zuperku

Another year, another moment to reflect on how this year has been oh so good and oh so challenging! Life throws a lot of curve balls your way, as it needs to, to help you grow... but looking back this past year has a lot of good moments too.
And it's so bizarre to think I'm 33! The big double 3's. Ha. But seriously what's so funny, is that I didn't even remember how old I was turning this year! Lol. Now that must be a sign of 'maturing' right? Not caring how old you are???
In any case, it was such a blessing that Dan took off for my birthday so we could have a birthday day date! Those are my favorite! It was the biggest present he could ever give me. Undivided attention from by best friend! We had breakfast, went to a movie (!) and had a wonderful dinner! A perfect day, I didn't want it to end ;)
For my little party, I just wanted family over since I'm so over birthdays (they take more work than I have energy for, ha!) and they did! It was so chill, we ate, had cake and of course made flower crowns like any other 33 year old I know! Haha! My family is so gracious for putting up with my silly wishes that involve crafts! It was so much fun though, I think we all should wear real flower crowns at least every other week. It kind of makes you feel happy and care free as you would like every day to be!

Our flower crown making station, equipped with a lot of serious thought! LOL

I swear I have no idea what we're doing in most of these photos, but we had a blast doing whatever it is! Love you ladies! Missing you Amanda!

This photo makes me laugh so hard... was the thought serious or show your b%#*%y face. I have no idea, it's awesome!