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it's a :( kind of week...

Catherine Zuperku

I'm sure you all have had 'em. Ya know, the bad days or week that just seems to be needing a helping hand. That's definitely been this week for us. I can't even place my finger on "why," it's just a multitude of things that add up really. Like yesterday, for example, I had to get some errands done for the week and decided "we" would make it fun and shop together. Well, I can say that 3 stores later, multiple times chasing a crying Zander out of all three stores, that yes I'm not ashamed to say that I cried in the car. We didn't actually accomplish one thing on my list of errands, not one!  :(
However, I was reminded a couple times through different people about being thankful. It might sound hokey but when I'm in those moments that's the last thing that comes to mind. How can you be thankful for a screaming toddler, messy house and most importantly a messy soul! But that's just it, I feel that way because everything else became important but being thankful for my day. Call me crazy, I don't even care! I need to remind myself daily that there is more to life than someone looking at my parenting skills like I'm an un-kept, un-raveling mother. At the end of the day I don't care what they think. They're not in my house watching how I kiss his boo-boos away or how I always eat last in my family. I'm just thankful that I get to "be." Be a mother, be a wife, be a friend, be a daughter, be a sister, be me!
so yeah, this week has been quite a roller coaster and to top it off - the pictures below were all erased from my hard drive unknowingly to me. So these are all screen captures in lightroom. The pictures don't actually exist anymore (they're in the "stranger things" dimension). But I'm thankful that I screenshot them and I'm so THANKFUL that in this week, we had moments like this! (sigh...deep breath!)