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Guess What!?

Catherine Zuperku

We are thrilled to announce that baby #2 is on it's way! The Zuperku house is going to be a little more full and have way more laughter in the years to come! We are in shock; as we had some difficulty getting pregnant with Zander (it took 26 months - which does matter to women as we cry each month it doesn't happen) and this one just happened!
We know we are extremely blessed and can't wait to see how Zander dotes on baby. He already has told us it's a girl and her name should be Alba. I have never told him that our sis-in-law's niece is named that. But he just keeps saying Alba when we ask him what we should name it. Lol. He also tells me that I'm getting bigger and every time I pee he asks if the baby is coming out! His mind is amazing and funny!
I guess we'll all be surprised if it's a boy because this mama has been SO sick! A completely different pregnancy than Zander's. I have been sick from week 6 and early on could barely make breakfast in time to eat it. Early in this pregnancy, I also ate on the floor often as I felt it helped with the nausea. The carpet and I have become quite good friends. The majority of the days, I would just lay there and Zander would play around me.
Thankfully, I am feeling a tad bit more like myself. I definitely need distractions or else I just want to vomit all day. So we get out of the house once a day for Mama and Zander's sanity and well being! I give all mamas out there so much credit being pregnant and watching little ones. This ain't no joke and it's not easy! And now that I'm feeling better and starting to eat more I am way more happy about baby's arrival! I can also guarantee you that Dan and Zander are happy that I'm feeling better too! Mean mama is no fun!
But I'm in that weird stage of "Are you getting bigger?" or "Are you pregnant?" But I'm definitely showing more in my 16 weeks with this baby than the first time around. We'll just keep praying for a healthy and full term baby - as Zander's pregnancy had many struggles which led to pre-term labor at 35 weeks. I found a new Dr. and she is absolutely amazing and sees me more than normal and we're taking all the precautions to ensure we're prepared for this little one the best way possible!
We can't wait to meet you baby boo boo 2! Love, Mama, Daddy and Zander!

It took so long to just get three good ones above. The rest of Zander crack me up!

He'll probably make that face when he meets baby!