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Bellamy Mercy turns one!

Catherine Zuperku

written to our spitfire, little lady, Zara-Belle…

I cannot believe a year has passed… The days are so long but the year was truly short. It’s as if life before you is a big blur, almost as if you’ve always been around somehow. You have filled our lives with such joy and laughter all the while teaching us to seek more patience. Lol. I remember you didn’t smile until week 6, we had no clue what you’re personality would be and from then on, you were such a smiley person. It didn’t matter if you were looking at a stranger, you had the biggest smile. You really match your name Bellamy (beautiful friend).
Now, we won’t pretend that you’re an easy baby with all those smiles, you have quite the spitfire personality as well. You are our Energizer Bella-Bunny (you never stop), our very Curious Georg-ina (you’re into everything) and you really like to tell it how it is (and that means you scream your opinions). You were also a very mature baby, crawling at 5 months, walking at 9.5 months; we think it’s all to keep up with your older brother. Your love for fury creatures is beyond me (I barely like petting animals) and they stop you in your tracks and you jet for them immediately, as they usually run from you. ;0)
The bond you share with your brother is absolutely amazing! You go to hug him so much - and most times (if he’s not busy with his cars) he hugs you back. And we know that sometimes when you hit him, you’re just trying to get his attention because you want to play with him so bad. Hitting doesn’t usually get you the response you’re looking for though. But we’re so glad that we didn’t need to “teach” you both how to love each other. It has always been a natural evolution - your brother loved talking to you while you were in my womb. My all time favorite video is one when you were a couple days old and I videoed Zander talking about you while daddy was holding you. And you lifted your hand to his face so gently. I have a feeling you didn’t know what you were doing but Zander did. He felt your love immediately. And now, after your dinner every night, you try so desperately to get him to laugh by doing all sorts of crazy things and you usually get him to. By the way, the humming you do when you like food makes your daddy and I smile every time.
Baby girl, you are the perfect addition to our family. Even though this past year has brought your mama a lot physical pain, I am so grateful that you’re in our lives and we get to be your parents. We pray we bring you up in His grace and faith. We’re excited to see your personality unravel every day. You keep us on our toes and you fill our hearts with laughter. You are fearfully and wonderfully made my dear sweet Belle-Belle.

We love you to the moon & back my babe.
Happy 1st Birthday,
Love your mama + dada