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A new obsession... a Zander edition

Catherine Zuperku

In Zander's life, Dan and I can point out many themes of Zander's likings. They usually consist of something round, spin-able and can be seen anywhere. His somewhat new obsession is Fans. He had a liking for them last year, but as it got colder we forbid him from turning the house fans on since Wisconsin is cold enough on it's own - it doesn't need Zander help for that.
Well this year, on the very hot day we had about a month ago, I innocently told him he could turn on the fan. I was very hot and was trying to be a good wife and not turn the air conditioning on. This has now escalated into his new obsession again. We cannot go one hour without hearing about our fans, or how many fans other people have. There is one vantage point in our house in which you can see all three fans and he loves standing there and just admiring them. He will then use "his" stool and move it to every room and turn the fans on and off for 30 minutes straight. I have to say that I have been able to do the laundry and dishes a lot more than normal.
He even knows that he can ask people that come over, to retrieve his fan remote for him - since Dan and I do not let him have it all day. Seriously, this kid is smart and will do almost anything for fans. We can barely pull him away from the fans just to eat a meal! Ah...!
I even thought that with my very old point and shoot camera, he could take pics of them and perhaps not need to turn them on. Haha, some of my best plans are just that - plans... and don't work! He probably spends 30 mins at a time, taking pics of them and then looking at them on the camera. He has noticed if you turn the flash off - they look like they're going super fast. But if you leave the flash on, they look like the fans have stopped. He is very observant!
Oh and since we frequent Home Depot almost every other day, we cannot leave that store without giving ample time to the fan section where he points out the fans and says how many blades they have and if they are slow, medium or fast. He will talk about their lights and how many they have and if they seem to be broken (or off) or if "they're fine!" And once I count down the minutes till we leave that section, he will then say "Bye fans, I see you later!" It's probably one of the cutest things but also can kind of get on my nerves... especially if we pull him away from a fan he's not suppose to turn on at a store. I do love that guy! I guess we'll see how long this obsession lasts ;)

That's the look you get when you tell him he has 2 more minutes of fan play, and then he needs to eat his breakfast!