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Mexico Diary - Part II

Catherine Zuperku

Ahhhhh... the warm sunshine beaming down on my face - glorious freckles resurfacing - pale toes in the soft sand. Yes, yes, yes that's where I want to be today! I really need to figure out how Dan can work remotely for months at a time. Lol!
But seriously I'm so thankful for such a blessed life - even in this odd Wisconsin weather. So many days I could wake up and think of all the sad things going on in the world or the hardships in our lives. But, when do I wake up and think about all the good things happening to me and this world?
I "get" to spend all day with my son. He's ever changing and I am so lucky I can see his many phases. And even if you don't get to be with your kiddos all day, there are SO many moments to hold on to. So as I'm wishing for winter to end - I am thankful that I get to live near all my family, dear friends and soak you all up like the Mexico sun!
Cheers to warm weather and watching waves like they were the new and exciting TV show ;)

(P.S. Oh yeah, I compiled a video - but it's not as cool as our last Mexico video. I completely forgot about taping our vacation but the bits I had still made a video that Zander watches all the time! He loves it ;) )