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Easter Love <3

Catherine Zuperku

The more holidays that Zander is older for, the more holidays become fun to celebrate again. I'm amazed at how excited I was to meet the Easter bunny, haha. I wonder if this is what our parents thought too?!
This past weekend was so enjoyable... so many firsts happened. First time meeting the Easter bunny, and I'm shocked he didn't cry ;0) He also wanted to sit on his lap longer, although you can't tell from his look. And he couldn't stop waving to him after! Lol. Then we had his first haircut (more on that later)!!! But I know Easter is more about a cool and hip "bunny,"  we had such a great time celebrating our Savior this Easter with our dear family!
We celebrated with some of my family on Saturday (and they were just too kind to give Zander all kinds of little gifts). How did I not know that was "a thing?" And then Sunday we celebrated with Dan's family by going down to Chicago. It was such a joy to see Zander and Grace interact more. I loved my cousins when I was younger and I hope they love playing together for years to come!
Oh and I found this second photo of last year of us on Easter and I CANNOT believe how fast they grow (sigh and heart swells!)

Ya know, Superman always rides in his cousin's Barbie Car!

Ya know, Superman always rides in his cousin's Barbie Car!