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Life Lately...

Catherine Zuperku

This guy... He makes me laugh. He makes me cry. He makes go a little crazy. But I love him!
Life has been a little hectic (well, if I'm being honest, it always is). I always assumed that "stay at home mamas" have so much time. Oh my gosh! How naive I was, lol. But we're doing a couple things lately that have helped the crazed weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas seem more sane.
Number 1. we decided between both of our families to make Christmas simpler. HALLELUJAH! This step has truly been amaze-balls! We have basically just made gift giving super simple, pick a name - we even put Mom and Dad in there. And the other side we're only doing kiddos (we'll all try to save for a night away in winter) but this has helped put me as ease. In the past, I spent so much time stressing over what to get someone and never having time to find the perfect gift. Resorting to gift cards some times. Ugh. So I highly recommend simplifying - it's so freeing. Plus, then you can remember why you really celebrate this wonderful Holiday (wink, wink)!
And number 2. was starting a thankful board and putting it where I most often am during the day. Which I'm guessing all mamas would say... the kitchen. It faces me every time I do dishes, every time I make food (basically I'm in the kitchen all day) and every time I eat my food standing up (because for some reason every time I sit down, he needs me! He's got it down to a science.) But it any case, I write 5 things each day that I'm thankful for. And you can't repeat! At first it was super easy... I'm thankful for my husband, my son, weekends, naps and chocolate. But then it gets really hard. Which has been very helpful when you have a bad day and you think there is nothing to be thankful for. There always is, it's just sometimes really hard to see. It has made me think deep and see the super small things that I treasure. And if you miss a couple days, it's no big deal - no mama guilt allowed! I love it. Sometimes I'm just thankful for a smile ;)

I spy a little happy face (behind the curtain) it's one of his favorite games. Love him!