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Happy Halloween

Catherine Zuperku

This Space Cowboy had the time of his life last night! He learned very quickly how this "Trick -or - Treat" thing worked. He, however was quite shy and wouldn't say much at all at the doors. But he figured out that he could grab tons of candy! And after his inconspicous candy grab he would run off and shout happy things or say "fun" or "this is good!" I'm not quite sure if he knew why he was gathering candy until he chatted with Grace on FaceTime. When she asked him how much candy he had, he lit up. And he proudly showed her all the candy he collected. And that's when he wanted to eat some, haha.
I still can't get over how fun it is to share in these new moments with him. His age has such a taste for life and it's refreshing to see. It helps me remember to be happy about the small things, especially since those things are huge in their eyes!
Oh yes and our poor pumpkins... some of them were rotten by the time Halloween came around. And Dan and I thought of it would be fun to mimic a rocket we saw online and ours didn't turn out quite right. But he didn't care! He just wanted the light inside it. Lol. All about lights, fans and anything round! Love that guy <3

notice his googily eye pumpkin... he was so proud of it!

the astronaut was giving pa some advise on how to change oil in mama's car.

showing Grace his candy!

uhhh, our best attempt at a family photo, lol