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A Super-hero Has Joined The Family

Catherine Zuperku

...for a limited time only!

Introducing Captain Zander-man! That's right folks a real, live, super-hero is part of the Zuperku family. We once thought this would be a sad experience, but we have turned this opportunity into something we can be proud of! Of course for those that know all about helmets, they aren't meant for much longer than 3 months or so... so yes our Capt. Zander-man will have to leave us at that time. But we aren't too bummed because we'll gain our little muffin back and he'll have the best head around! 
As most parents, we felt a little guilty. Many things can cause babies heads to shape just a little shy of natural and his acid-reflux did not help! Poor guy had to sleep a certain way to help him not puke and actually have a good nights sleep. But we know he won't remember this and the time will fly! I was completely dreading this AND the comments to come. And so far I've gotten a couple intrigued looks but most times we get, "How cool is that! He's Capt. America!" It turns out, a lot of people have had such experiences with their kids or people they know. It's also a plus because he's so mobile his helmet (or super powers) has helped him not hurt his head as much as he bumps into walls crawling! Ha.
To make this experience go a little smoother and hopefully not get many crazed looks and comments I wanted so much to paint this horrible white helmet! I originally wanted to send it to Paula (who paints helmets for a living and is amazing!) but My Dr wouldn't let us ship his helmet to her. So thankfully she helped me figure out how to paint this beast! I can't take any credit for the concept of Captain America but I did paint it! It's not as good as hers, but it'll do!
So for now folks, feel at ease as Capt. Zander-man is here to save the day!