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A year... already?

Catherine Zuperku

Happy Birthday to our handsome little fella! You have been such a joy to your Pa and I and we couldn't imagine life without you. This week, I kept thinking back to the days before you were born, the hours leading up to your birth and the aftermath and emotions that followed for the two weeks after you birth. Life has been a little crazy since but it's made us so grateful that we received you as a gift from above. The time has flown by so fast, it's crazy to think you're already a year old! I miss the snuggles, the first coos, the first time you figured out your hands, your first laugh, well I miss basically everything! Maybe it's a "mom" thing, but I just want to bottle up all the moments and play them whenever I'm feeling nostalgic (which is every week these days)! I'm starting to realize before I know it, you'll be 5, 13, 16, 21.... AH, I don't think I can dwell on this too long before I have tears. But seriously we love you to infinity and beyond and we know we are so blessed to be called your parents! Here's to another year... to the ups and the downs, to savoring every moment of it! We love you boo boo!

And we wanted to say Thank You to all who came out to celebrate your birthday - especially in the first snow storm of the year! We have some amazing friends! And a huge Thank You to my mom, dad, Dan and Michelle for helping me setting up. For Aunt Jenny and the most adorable and yummy cake ever! And of course for the extra food and toys supplied by Brenda and Grace! I couldn't have done it without you all! Mwah!!! :D

And then Mr Z. needed to take a nap before opening his presents, so we had a lot of fun making a mess at home ;0)