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2 months old

Catherine Zuperku

Talk about a habitual blog slacker... but in all honesty this is the first moment I have had enough energy (when you're sleeping) to even get on the computer. I had all of these expectations of what I would get done on maternity leave and NONE of them have happened - my friend Sarah put it best "You're sole job right now is just keeping him alive." It doesn't matter if the dishes pile up or the house has gotten cleaned in a long time or if I put all the light and dark laundry in one load to save time... my purpose right now is to help you. Hearing that helped me a ton with your 2nd month and oh boy has this month been hard. Your daddy and I were sick a combined 3 weeks. It was so hard waking up at 3 am to feed you with a mask on to try and save you from that awfulness. And then when you seemed to have caught it and I was taking your temperature every couple hours - you hated that. We've also had a couple set backs with your growth that made your mama feel awful. This breast feeding thing is the hardest thing I have ever done besides your birth. And you developed a crying pattern that starts at 5pm and goes to 11pm (we're on our way to fix that new habit).

But there have been some lovely and memorable moments too that I will cherish...
• You started cooing and smiling more and it just melts my heart - I literally stare at you soaking it all in
• You also say "Ma - aaaaaaaaaa" when you cry - so I know you're personally asking for me ;0)
• You clench your fists and toes so tight that when we uncurl them we find lint in them!
• Your daddy has come up with a theme song for you and dances you around the house, you both always find me and do an impromptu show for me
• You love bath time with your wide eyes, well when you aren't hungry
• You are so inquisitive - you love looking at everything - you stare at the mirror in your room for 20 minutes
• Thankfully you adjusted to the crib after almost 2 months in your rock n' play (and that's huge - the Dr told us you might need a helmet. So daddy and I lost a lot of sleep transitioning you, but it worked!)
• You have gone from eating 2 ounces to 4 ounces in a couple feedings, we were shocked at how hungry you were

So, my little mister there is so much to be thankful for and I will try my hardest to remember this when it's 2am and I'm at my whit's end.
Thanks for being so darn cute.
Love, Your Mama